schemata architects have devised a flexible grid system for camper together shop in tokyo. situated inside the shin marunouchi building in the chiyoda district, the layout aims to present a minimal backdrop in order so that the playful shoe styles can take center stage. 




schemata architects have again implemented their functional and minimal approach by suggesting a stockroom interior rather than a shop space. the overall collective palette is composed of matte and industrial materials. steel mesh racks were chosen to add a sense of depth to the space as well as providing an adaptable solution. urethane rubber and MDF boards were chosen to match the color of the shoe boxes, while galvanized steel and dyed cork were chosen to reflect the concrete floor. the result, in turn, allows the spanish footwear brand’s creations to add a pop of color to the store.

schemata-architects-camper-tokyo-designboom-08 schemata-architects-camper-tokyo-designboom-07schemata-architects-camper-tokyo-designboom-03

schemata-architects-camper-tokyo-designboom-01 schemata-architects-camper-tokyo-designboom-04

schemata-architects-camper-tokyo-designboom-06 schemata-architects-camper-tokyo-designboom-05



project info:


title: camper shin-marunouchi building
architects: jo nagasaka / schemata architects
project team: ryosuke yamamoto, matthieu darcourt, yui matsushita
address: 4f shin-marunouchi building 1-5-1 marunouchi chiyoda-ku tokyo japan
usage: shop
construction: yoshichu mannequin co,.ltd
collaboration: modulex inc. (lighting plan), show me (cork furniture), shuhei nakamura (urethane rubber)
floor area: 82.71m²
completion: 02/2017
open: 03/2017
photo: koji fujii(nacása & partners inc.)