schmidt hammer lassen’s circular waste-to-energy plant wins competition in china
all images © beauty & the bit, madrid and ginsun, shanghai / courtesy of SHL architects




working together to gottlieb paludan architects, scandinavian firm schmidt hammer lassen has won an international competition with their circular waste-to-energy plan in shenzhen, china.


the expansive facility is to be located in the outskirts of the chinese city where its function will allow it to incinerate 5,000 tonnes of waste per day. stepping away from the typical rectangular structuresm the distinctive form was developed to efficiently minimize its footprint, while reducing the amount of excavation required to build on the site.

the plant will incinerate 5,000 tonnes of waste per day – equaling one third of the waste generated by
shenzhen’s 20 million inhabitants every year




at the same time, the plant will serve as a source of education for the citizens of shenzhen. the public are able to enter the building through a landscaped park and experience the workings of the plant machinery via an internal circular path and walkway.

the proposal organizes the entire plant into a circular form topped with photo-voltaic panels




the 66,000 square meters roof will be covered by up to 44,000 square meters of photo-voltaic panels. providing the opportunity for the plant to not only provide a cleaner way to deal with the city’s waste but also contribute to the renewable energy provision for the city. highlighting the importance of waste-to-energy production due to the increasing issues of growing waste.

an internal walkway will circle the plant before leading up to a 1.5km panoramic public walkway on the roof

model of the facility in its context
model by JR models