schmidt hammer lassen proposes stacked volumes for university in china
renderings by beauty & the bit




designed to embrace diversity, interaction and knowledge sharing, scandinavian practice schmidt hammer lassen architects‘ proposal has succeeded in an international competition for their 25,000m² student center & library for the wenzhou-kean university in wenzhou, china. based on 500 acres in a rural mountainous region, the university will provide learning and living space for 8,500 students and create opportunities for new ways of learning in an informal environment.

stairs and bridges in the atrium connects the upper levels with a grand ‘book stack’ housing 30,000 books




set against a verdant backdrop of mountains, the exterior of the student center and library appears as four rectangular shapes stacked on top of one another. the envelope is wrapped in semi-transparent glass covered in an abstract fritted pattern and the new building will connect the educational faculties in the south and student residence in the north. the façade is inspired by wenzhou’s mountainous terrain, and vernacular bamboo construction common in the city’s historical architecture.
the façade references wenzhou’s mountainous terrain, and vernacular bamboo construction




located at the ground and first level, the student activity center is designed as a central marketplace. accessed from all sides, the activity center will host areas for a range of programs including a cafe, theater, dance and music studios and in turn, spaces for informal meeting and gathering. stairs and bridges in the atrium connects the upper levels, where a grand ‘book stack’  – housing 30,000 books – will be seen in the light-filled atrium leads up to the library and study spaces.

reading spaces are organised around the central book stack, leading to a grand reading room on the top level

concept sketch