schmidt hammer lassen ningbo home of staff designboom

in 2013 the city of ningbo, china held a competition for the design of a new center for its municipal labor union, for which schmidt hammer lassen architects won the commission. the complex is named the ‘home of staff’, envisioned as a second residence for the constituents of the union, consisting of nearly 3 million members. the project includes an extensive variety of functions, which span a site measuring over half a kilometer long, and comprising a total area of 100,000 sqm. the interior program is located on either side of the property, forming two buildings made up of a series of stepped terraces. a landscape unites the two structures, and includes a range of recreational areas and pavilions for public use.

schmidt hammer lassen ningbo home of staff designboomstepped terraces allow for green spaces on rooftops
all images courtesy of schmidt hammer lassen architects



the ‘home of staff’ program provides spaces for arts, performance, education facilities, offices, sports, and leisure. green spaces continue onto the roofs of the terraces, allowing the public park to extend onto the buildings. the complex is set for completion at the end of 2016, and is the third notable project designed by schmidt hammer lassen in the chinese city. the two other projects are the new ningbo library and the headquarters for the ningbo daily newspaper group.

schmidt hammer lassen ningbo home of staff designboomexpansive atria include commercial retail and exhibition spaces

schmidt hammer lassen ningbo home of staff designboomskylights allow plentiful light to reach all interior areas

schmidt hammer lassen ningbo home of staff designboomvisual transparency blends varying functions

schmidt hammer lassen ningbo home of staff designboomthe site is located adjacent to a large wetland





project info:


architect: schmidt hammer lassen architects
local partner architect: nadi (ningbo architecture design institute)
client: ningbo labour union, city of ningbo
area: 104,000 sqm
competition: 2013, 1st prize, invited international competition
construction: 2014–2016
landscape architect: gnd group
local partner landscape architect: nuci (ningbo urban construction design institute)