schmidt hammer lassen installs cloud pavilion in shanghai
all images courtesy of schmidt hammer lassen architects




schmidt hammer lassen architects have installed a series of pavilions in shanghai as part of the west bund biennial for architecture and contemporary art, (on now until december 19th, 2013). at the heart of the project ‘the cloud’, an art installation comprising hundreds of hanging white ropes, is intended to be an interactive piece, encouraging public activity.



 schmidt hammer lassen installs cloud pavilion in shanghai
hundreds of hanging white ropes form ‘the cloud’



‘the cloud pavilion is the quintessence of lightness, immateriality and fuzziness,’ explained kristian lars ahlmark, partner at schmidt hammer lassen architects. ‘by hanging hundreds of white ropes from the pavilion’s ceiling, an effect is created where the cloud is always changing. visitors moving or a light breeze creates a subtle movement of the ropes, underlining the organic nature of the installation and the immateriality of the space. in chinese culture, a cloud is an important symbol and a sign of good fortune.’



schmidt hammer lassen installs cloud pavilion in shanghai
‘the cloud’ in its riverbank setting




schmidt hammer lassen installs cloud pavilion in shanghai
visitors to the festival are encouraged to interact with the pavilion



in addition to ‘the cloud’ there is also a composition of further pavilions containing various support facilities, including a cafe, a gallery and a book shop. clad in corten steel, the color and texture of the units make a clear connection with the industrial nature of the site. furthermore, the shape and orientation of the volumes has been determined by the views out towards a nearby bridge, the crane and the river, continuing to reference the region’s manufacturing heritage.


images of the support pavilions can be seen in the gallery below.



project info:


lead design architect: schmidt hammer lassen architects
local design institute: tjad, tongji university
client: xuhui development corporation
area: the cloud pavilion 190 sqm (2,045 sqf) / support facility pavilions 240 sqm (2,583 sqf)