zaha hadid and amanda levete shortlisted for london science museum extension
photo courtesy of the science museum




london’s science museum has confirmed the architects shortlisted for two new projects, a mathematics gallery that will open in late 2016 and medicine galleries that will be completed in 2018. the schemes are being developed as part of a masterplan for the museum, which will transform the institution over the next five years. opening on the first floor of the museum, the galleries will be almost double the size of the current galleries located on the fourth and fifth floors.


the shortlist for the mathematics gallery includes casper mueller kneer, zaha hadid architects, hugh broughton, carmody groake, adam richards and universal design studio. the design will bring to life the historic story of mathematics, exploring work from the turn of the 17th century to the present day.


the shortlist for the medicine gallery, which will reveal personal stories about how our lives have been transformed by changes in medicine and health over the last 400 years, comprises muma, AL_A, rick mather, haworth tompkins, caruso st john, gareth hoskins and wilkinson eyre.


the winning practices for both competitions will be announced later this year.