SCOB wraps barcelona’s waterfront buildings with lattice screens
image © adrià goula




spanish architecture studio SCOB has transformed barcelona’s prominent waterfront port vell. as well as receiving a modern overhaul with an upgrade in services, facilities and landscape, the marina has been renamed to ‘OneOcean‘. as well as the creation of improved facilities to cater to the increased number of super yachts docking, there has been the development of two buildings constructed adjacent to the water.

the pavilion like structures are wrapped in a perforated white screen
image © adrià goula




SCOB’s strategy largely involves integrating landscape with the new structures and the public spaces. the merging between the built and natural environment unifies the entire scheme to achieve an image of order and continuity. the new buildings embody a contemporary design with two lattice-covered pavilions in white. sitting at the edge of the water, the structures draw influence from the fishing nets and the perforated screens protect the building from direct sunlight, while creating a animated play of light and shadow.

the latticed screen extends over the waterfront restaurant, casting shadows onto the deck
image © adrià goula




the materials and colors were chosen to minimize the building’s impact on its surrounding context. the reinvented ocean club now hosts a member’s only waterfront restaurant, wellness center, a business hub and cocktail bar. the public space has been given an updated look with the creation of bespoke outdoor furniture and the planting of greenery. 

 the designers took the functional areas as an opportunity to give character and personality to the new marina
image © adrià goula




the gallery building accommodates the offices for the management companies that operate in the marinas, a small gym as well as multi-functional and crew rooms. the two-storey building is located on a platform over water, taking advantage of a mooring area that was not in use. wrapped by a white lattice, like the other buildings in the marina. the lattice has more presence in the south façade and less in the north façade, coinciding with the best views over the city.

closeup of the perforated white screen
image © oneocean club

the member’s only restaurant
image © oneocean club

the bluewave cocktail bar has a direct view of the barcelona waterfront
image © oneocean bar

within one of the buildings, there is a business center
image © adrià goula

the architects also created the outdoor furniture called the ODOS series
image © adrià goula

the marina is one of the largest super-yacht marina in the mediterranean
image © adrià goula

at night the interior lighting lights up the building from within
image © adrià goula



planta - ENGLISH
edifici serveis PB - INGLÉS
edifici serveis P1 - INGLÉS
seccio transversal - INGLÉS



project info:



location: port vell barcelona, spain
built area:  
global project total area: 19.420,00 sqm
    partial areas:
    gallery building = 2.675,00 sqm  /  2 floors
    entrance building = 1.095,00 sqm  /  1 floor
    landscape = 16.220,00 sqm
    storage = 1.044,50 sqm  /  78 units of 8-13 sqm
    berths = 148 units
completion date: since 2014 from 2015
client: marina port vell, salamanca group
architects: scob architecture and landscape. sergi carulla and óscar blasco
collaborators architects: susana toyos, nathalia baños, olga saro, gerard yubero, yaiza terré, kyriaki ilousi, begoña garrido, xavier gràcia, jordi ribó
structures: avac. ignacio vallet, juan pablo rodríguez
engineering: implanta. carlos morancho
lighting design: artec 3. maurici ginés
graphics elements: mariona garcía, david martín
technical architect: jose antonio mendoza