amsterdam-based architecture and urban design firm seARCH have won the competition for plot T10 with their proposal of their greenery-filled housing block in the new paris rive gauche district. working together with atelier phileas and LA architectures, the brief called for the scheme to embody its own identity yet sit linked with the rest of the neighborhood. the design would features a cut skyline with opens to allow air circulation, natural light and a integration of trees and plants to provide each inhabitant a close link to the landscape.

there will be 55 family apartments, 180 student flats, 75 apartments for middle income households
all images courtesy of seARCH



the resulting proposal features three adjacent city blocks, interweaved with social, student and middle income housing, as well as commercial opportunities and underground public parking. to host the mixed-used facilities and residences, the block will have a wide seven-storey base and five-story top, with a cut through in-between that connects two roof gardens.

the aim is to transform paris into a city with human dimensions, where buildings can open up to the sun and
accessible on foot and by bike



a challenge and defining component of the competition was for the structures to have the potential to create a strong physical link between the south end of the 13th district and the seine river banks. with this, the T10 plot has an ideal location set between the old and upcoming urban fabric.

the scheme aims to create a strong physical link between the south end of the 13th district and the seine river banks



project info:



client: paris habitat, icf habitat novedis
location: paris, france
year: 2016 – present
status: ongoing
program: residential, commercial
size: 5000 m2
collaborators: atelier philéas, LA architectures