sebastian masuda brings chromatic craziness to kawaii monster cafe in tokyo
images courtesy of kawaii monster cafe / diamond dining




bringing his known psychedelic and kitsch style into interior design, japanese visual artist sebastian masuda has brought his ‘kawaii monster café‘ to the fashionable tokyo district of harajuku. exploding with color, characters and craziness, the recently opened concept café is divided into four zones, each embellished with its own theme and experience.


adorned with over-the-top decorations ranging from oversized baby bottle light fixtures, melting macaron towers to a merry-go-round shaped like a cake, visitors can taste the menu which includes ‘poison’ parfait, rainbow pasta and monster BLT, all the while being served by an equally eye-catching ‘monster girl’. in an age where unique experiences and picture perfect opportunities is key, this quirky, japanese restaurant no doubt qualifies for this.

kawaii monster cafe_designboom_002
the sweets-go-round is a focal point within the themed café

kawaii monster cafe_designboom_003
mushroom disco, where people can sit in randomly arranged candy booths

kawaii monster cafe_designboom_003B
mushroom disco

kawaii monster cafe_designboom_004
visitors can sit inside a cake shaped booth in the milk stand zone

kawaii monster cafe_designboom_005B
large rabbit and unicorn heads light up while drinking from a milk bottle light

kawaii monster cafe_designboom_006
mel-tea room

kawaii monster cafe_designboom_007B
the decorations, seating look as though they are beginning to melt

kawaii monster cafe_designboom_008
sit under a glowing jellyfish in the bar experiment

kawaii monster cafe_designboom_009

kawaii monster cafe_designboom_010
entrance in harajuku
kawaii monster cafe_designboom_011
the five monster girls (baby, dolly, candy, nasty and crazy)
kawaii monster cafe_designboom_012
the monster girls all in costume

kawaii monster cafe_designboom_013
the colorful menu that matches the theme of the restaurant

kawaii monster cafe_designboom_014
poison parfait extreme
kawaii monster cafe_designboom_015
colorful rainbow pasta

kawaii monster cafe_designboom_016
monster BLT

kawaii monster cafe_designboom_017

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