ROOM+ hides a 'secret garden' inside this sunlit townhouse in vietnam

ROOM+ hides a 'secret garden' inside this sunlit townhouse in vietnam

green space blooms in ho chi minh city


Vietnamese studio ROOM+ Design & Build unveils its newly completed house which brings a lush ‘secret garden’ to the dense streets of Ho Chi Minh City. As a response to the evolving needs of urban living in Vietnam, this four-level townhouse weaves contemporary design with the timeless allure of nature. While the team thoughtfully optimizes the organization of the residential spaces and integrates verdant gardens, this dwelling offers a unique sanctuary for a four-person family seeking a green oasis amidst the busy streets.

ROOM+ secret gardenimages © Sonmeo Nguyen Art Studio



room+ reinvents the townhouse


Dubbed the Secret Garden House, the project showcases the architects‘ modern take on the familiar townhouse, an architectural staple which dates back to the late 18th century. The team at ROOM+ Design & Build notes that this building type has been firmly established as the favored residential style across the city. While townhouses fit snugly into the irregular urban tapestry of cities like Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City, residents are often faced with a lack of security, privacy, daylighting, natural ventilation, and green spaces.


Occupying a 95-square-meter corner site at the juncture of two alleys in Ho Chi Minh City, the Secret Garden House is an example of adaptability. The team’s vision addressed the needs of a four-member family, who sought not only contemporary living spaces but also gardens and an elevator to facilitate movement. This goal was achieved through two intertwined design approaches — optimizing spatial layout to align with the site’s demands and crafting an imaginative arrangement of lush garden spaces.

ROOM+ secret garden



step inside the curving ‘secret garden’ house


At the heart of the Secret Garden House’s design is a carefully laid-out floor plan that embraces the unique shape of the site. Working within a rounded and irregularly-shaped corner plot, the architects efficiently organize the spaces of the home. The ground floor’s gentle setback from the corner created a welcoming entrance and a leafy courtyard, its elliptical verandah formed by convex curving granite steps and a concave main door..


A master bedroom on the first level is shaped by a convex curving window and planter, complementing the elliptical terrace on the second floor. This interplay of convex and concave curves, along with recessed glazing and deep planters, lends a sculptural quality to the building, at once enhancing privacy and ensuring generous daylight and natural ventilation.

ROOM+ secret garden



Contrasting with the understated exterior, the interior ROOM+ Design & Build’s Secret Garden House exudes an atmosphere of transparency and openness. Crossing the threshold reveals the namesake ‘secret garden’ with its blossoming acerola cherry tree and a variety of plants. This verdant oasis bathes the heart of the house in gentle daylight and a refreshing breeze, all while safeguarding privacy through decorative hollow-brick walls. The interior unfolds with a hydraulic glass elevator and two internal balconies flanking the secret garden.


Timber flooring, beige-painted walls, and curvaceous built-in cabinets create an interior ambiance that is both refined and dynamic. Ascending to the uppermost level, occupants are greeted with a surprise — a rooftop garden adorned with countless trees, plants, and flowers. These vibrant gardens collectively lend a serene refuge upon the inhabitants, nestled in the heart of the bustling city.

ROOM+ secret garden
the home occupies a curving and irregular plotROOM+ secret gardena variety of plant life is integrated throughout the house


the curving verandah creates a sweeping view across the city’s rooftops

ROOM+ secret gardendespite the closed-off exterior, the interiors open broadly onto private gardens


a skylit stairway brings a flood of sunlight to the heart of the house

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