shinichiro ogata’s restaurant is a humble refuge for fine japanese dining
images courtesy of simplicity design studio / yakumo saryo restaurant




designer shinichiro ogata of simplicity design studio developed a humble yet exclusive restaurant dedicated to the fastidious and intricate preparation of traditional japanese food.yakumo saryo restaurant‘ perches on top of a hill, providing visitors with a peaceful refuge to enjoy a distinctive dining experience.

yakumo saryo by simplicity designboom
the restaurant entrance- dinner is ‘invitation only’




utilizing natural materials such as stone, wood and concrete, the restaurant instills the feeling of being inside a tradition japanese home. the choice of eating on tatami mats to a long dining table adds to the comfortable and familiar setting of the intimate space. plum trees and courtyards have been inter-weaved into the exterior fabric, pared with skylights that provide a constant stream of natural light into the interior.



‘it is a space to keep you away from the chaos and clamor of the city, a space where you can indulge, heal the mind and body, and discover the blend of both old and new.’ – shinichiro ogata
yakumo saryo by simplicity designboom
courtyards and plum trees surround the restaurant
yakumo saryo by simplicity designboom
the lighting fixtures were also designed by shinichiro ogata
yakumo saryo by simplicity designboom
the interior blends traditional japanese elements and natural materials
the open kitchen
the salon is used as a gallery space and reception area; handmade desserts and sweets are sold in the restaurant shop
the sabo teahouse hopes to touch all five senses
in the teahouse, you can enjoy seasonal fresh japanese confectioneries along with many varieties of tea, sweets and liquor.
the restaurant 
meticulously prepared japanese food sits on refined timber plates and bowls simplicity_yakumo-saryo_designboom_011
natural materials and intricate cutlery pairs with the restaurant as a whole simplicity_yakumo-saryo_designboom_012