LOT-EK has completed the ‘APAP open school’ in anyang, korea. eight shipping containers are stacked and cut along a 45-degree angle to create a fishbone pattern generating an arrow-like volume that is lifted three meters above the landscape. positioned long the river’s edge, two boxes are inclined upwards and downwards to reach the earth and sky, allowing visitors a recreational space by the waterfront. its visual graphic treatment of bright yellow and black marks the school as a focal point and place of gathering, relaxing and contemplation within the urban fabric of the city.

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at ground level, the steep-plate footprint of the hovering shipping container structure becomes a public amphitheater, which takes advantage of the natural and existing sloping topography. the upper section engages with the open space below promoting an atmosphere of community gathering. the vertical element provide a pedestrian path inviting visitors to the top levels. the second floor consists of one large open, multipurpose space that functions as a meeting room and exhibition space with two studios for artists-in-residence. it carves two front walls along the north-west axis creating a dramatic overhang which pierce the solid structure revealing a series of peep-holes. see designboom’s coverage of the concept and construction phase of the APAP open school.

LOT-EKblack and yellow decorate the exterior to provoke a graphic identity



the short sides of the container provide framed views of the surrounding landscape which also allow natural light, cross ventilation and vistas toward the park and the neighborhood. decked areas along the exterior provide elevated paths along the water. entirely prefabricated off-site, the modules were shipped to the site and craned and connected to each other through the main steel frame. once the assembly was erected, two separate crews worked simultaneously – one on the interior and the other on exterior and landscape to complete the construction in less than six months.

LOT-EK(left) protruding overhang(right) vertical circulation to the upper levels


LOT-EKlarge room for meetings and gatherings

LOT-EKdramatic interior angles

LOT-EKstudio and exhibition space



project info:


client: APAP – kyong park / city of anyangbuilding type: art schoollocation: anyang, koreasize: 2,600 sf indoor + 2,900 sf outdoorstructural consultant: robert silman associatescompleted: 2010awards: 2011 aiany architecture honors award, 2011 american architecture award