shuhei goto’s residence in kosai rises as a series of house-shaped towers
all images by shuhei goto architects




playfully rising at different heights, the series of thin, house-shaped volumes belong to shuhei goto architects‘ design for a residence in the city of kosai in the shizuoka prefecture in japan. despite the design visualized as four volumes which protrude in and out at different distances; the residence is in fact a single, interconnected entity. natural light was the main factor of this uneven building choreography, which has inherently influenced the spatial organization of the interior.

the metal clad volumes rise at different heights

shuhei-goto-architects-house-in-kosai-japan-designboom-02the light-filled interiors have been arranged over three overlapping floors

shuhei-goto-architects-house-in-kosai-japan-designboom-02interiors have been left minimal


shuhei-goto-architects-house-in-kosai-japan-designboom-02clerestory windows provide extra light

shuhei-goto-architects-house-in-kosai-japan-designboom-02sliding doors lead out to a private balcony


shuhei-goto-architects-house-in-kosai-japan-designboom-02the residence is located in the city of kosai

section showing the spatial organization