‘+green’ by sinato in tokyo, japan all images courtesy sinato photographer: toshiyuki yano

japanese practice sinato (chikara ohno) has completed ‘+green’, an organic restaurant on the ground floor of a three-storey apartment building in tokyo, japan. having just a limited street-facing facade, the design makes most of the surface by creating a ‘live elevation’ with multiple levels of occupy-able space within the interior.

sinato: +green interior view

at level with the street, the take-out/pick-up area is a direct extension of the grade. from there, a small organic food shop is located 0.56m above on a slightly elevated platform. a kitchen takes advantage of this extra vertical space and is accommodated underneath on  a partial-basement level. including two private rooms, washrooms, and storage, this underground layout hosts the common dining hall which pools together in pockets. the three layers, divided by a specific function, creates a circulation that moves vertically, resulting in an energetic street face.

sinato: +greenview of the dining space from above

while the restaurant is completely open to the ceiling, the vertical space is defined and made dynamic by a curved, sculptural partition that loops around the main staircase. punctured with large, geometric apertures, this floating structure creates a series of internal windows that frame the green and living elements of the restaurant. the linear brickwork that defines the level underneath stands in bold contrast.

sinato: +green views of the dining space

sinato: +green

sinato: +green staircase

sinato: +green curved floating partition

sinato: +green view from the street

sinato: +greenfloor plan / lower level

sinato: +green floor plan / upper level

sinato: +green section

sinato: +green section

project info:

principal use: restaurant area: 111.53 m2 client: dream studio co., ltd. floor: mortar, wooden wall: brick, concrete ceiling: concrete