design studio six n. five curates a collection of architectural scenes that reflect the minimal, understated beauty of japanese gardens. while gardening in japan serves as an exercise in meditation, art directors ezequiel pini and joan garcia pons with simon kaempfer use CGI to mindfully create the fictional series to inspire introspective contemplation in the viewer. the team comments on the design process: ‘inspired by the japanese gardens and their architecture, amazed by the cleanliness and beauty they have, we took all the references that we collected for a while, and we tried to make our interpretation of this.’

six n five japanese
images by six n. five | @sixnfive



in the process of creating the ‘japanese garden’ series, the team at six n. five combines classical elements of japanese architecture with stylized flora. this mindful balance perfectly captures the desire for simplicity which has driven the garden type. echoing the minimal, surreal, and tranquil atmosphere of japan, the designers seek to maintain a consistency in their language throughout each image through the use of such elements as meticulously shaped trees, birch wood accents, and overcast mountain landscapes. the resulting images are surreal and pleasant compositions surrounded by green and nature.

six n five japanesesix n five japanese six n five japanese six n five japanese six n five japanese six n five japanese six n five japanese six n five japanese



project info:


project title: japanese garden

concept and creative direction: six n. five

art direction: @ezequiel.pini, @joangarciapons

3D designers: joan garcia pons, ezequiel pini, simon kaempfer

completion: 2020