reimagining bangkok: snøhetta's 'innovation hub' and sprawling urban garden

reimagining bangkok: snøhetta's 'innovation hub' and sprawling urban garden

a new model for sustainable urban areas


Snøhetta and MQDC unveil Cloud 11 in Bangkok, a sizable mixed-use innovation hub designed to establish a new model for sustainable urban areas. The project address the urgent need for green public spaces in the upcoming South Sukhumvit district in Bangkok. Developed in cooperation with A49 Architects, this is the most extensive project in Asia so far for MQDC, one of Thailand’s leading property developers. With construction already underway, the project is expected to complete towards the end of 2024.

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cloud 11: a sprawling urban garden


Snøhetta’s Cloud 11 is an ambitious endeavor to transform a 250,000 square-meter area of South Sukhumvit in Bangkok into a vibrant hub of innovation and technology. Located in the upcoming CyberTech district, the mixed-use building will be conveniently connected to public transportation and offer amenities to meet the lifestyle needs of the city’s residents. Additionally, the architects will include a large public space for greenery, as well as spaces for artists, makers, and tech entrepreneurs. With its grand scale, the Cloud 11 project aspires to become a landmark for Bangkok, a symbol of the capital’s bright future.

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the pressing need for green space


While known for its street life and cultural sites, Bangkok has one of the lowest amounts of public green space per capita in Asia — at only seven square meters per resident, compared to the average of thirty-nine square meters per resident among twenty-two other major Asian cities. To help improve sustainability and livability, initiatives such as Green Bangkok 2030 and Enter Bangkok2050 have come to fruition. This project will benefit the community by providing 24-hour access to green spaces, cultural institutions, and modern amenities.

snøhetta bangkok cloud 11



We have had the opportunity to not only create a building, but a new neighborhood in the center of Bangkok,’ says Kjetil Trædal Thorsen, Founding Partner of Snøhetta.An urban artifact providing a thriving place for culture and creation and green public spaces that will improve the quality of life for people living in the South Sukhumvit area. With an increasing number of people moving into urban areas, it is crucial to develop communities fit to accommodate the needs of the future cities in a sustainable way, both socially and environmentally.’
 reimagining bangkok: snøhetta's 'innovation hub' and sprawling urban garden



elevated gardens for bangkok


Cloud11 will feature elevated gardens and a massive central lawn, the likes of which have never yet been seen in Thailand. Additionally, a number of pocket parks will be included in the project, giving the local populace a place to take part in various activities. Not only will it be a source of comfort and resilience for the community, but it will also help tackle the environmental issues that are all too common in cities like Bangkok, such as air pollution and the scarcity of green space.

reimagining bangkok: snøhetta's 'innovation hub' and sprawling urban garden



The team pays careful attention to the design and layout of the courtyard’s vegetation in order to maximize its potential as a communal oasis without restricting its open nature. A focus on numerous larger openings in the structure allows air to pass freely through the plants, thereby improving the air quality of the surrounding area.


A deep shaft cleaning system will be used to treat the water of an adjacent canal and the Cloud 11 landscape will be showcased as an educational initiative to the public in order to promote more sustainable solutions. Patches of soil and vegetation have been strategically placed throughout the site to form an ecological corridor that will attract other species and increase the site’s biodiversity. These patches are different from the others in the surrounding area.

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