it has been announced that norwegian practice snøhetta has been chosen to reconnect the steep virgolo mountain in bolzano, italy with a brand new cable car system. after winning the international design competition, this new transit operation will enable visitors to be fully immersed with the beauty of the natural landscape and the city below, while riding on the minute-long journey cable car.

all images by sonaar, courtesy of snøhetta



the dynamic scheme will see the construction of two cylindrical rings  — one at the base, and the other as a top station — both embedded into the existing topography and forming the efficient framework of the cable car that connects the rings tangentially. at the summit, there will be facilities for exploration, recreation, and relaxation while a ‘mountain square’ will evolve into a flexible space for open-air events and concerts. this new development by snøhetta will inherently create a new viewpoint for the city.

‘mountain square’ at the top of the mountain will offer a flexible space for events



__2d plans_01_12_2014.3dm