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new york-based studio SOFTlab is producing an installation at the bridgegallery in the lower east side of manhattan entitled ‘’. similar in assembly and explosion of colors as their previous project, chromaesthesiae, the temporary build will consist of roughly 5,000 panels held together by thousands of binder clips. to ensure that the final form organically fits and negotiates the space of the gallery, each piece has a specific geometry that the team laser cuts on high glossy photo paper.

SOFTlab: rendering of the installation in the bridgegallery space




to help fund the project, SOFTlab is offering a piece of the installation and a chance to literally be a part of the project in exchange for a small donation. 5 dollars will get the donor’s name etched onto a panel of the project, which will be mailed out for keepsake at the end of the installation. 10 dollars will get a name plus a 30 character long message etched, also to keep. for those who are really generous, a 100 dollar donation will be exchanged with a flat-packed funnel of colour, similar to chromaesthesiae, that can be assembled and hung at home. for more information or to donate, visit SOFTlab’s kickstarter page.

SOFTlab: a 5 dollar donation will get the donor’s name etched onto a panel which will be mailed out at the completion of the installation.

SOFTlab: a 10 dollar donation will get the donor’s name + a 30 character message

SOFTlab: a 100 dollar donor receive a flat-packed funnel of colour, similar to the pieces featured here, that can be assembled at home

SOFTlab: assembly in the SOFTlab studio

SOFTlab: binder clips hold the pieces together


SOFTlab: laser cut panels

SOFTlab: each pieces are cut on a laser cutter

SOFTlab: tne bridgegallery space

SOFTlab: matt clark from arup and mike szivos from SOFTlab talking about how to hang the installation in the gallery

SOFTlab: bridgegallery exterior