SOM completes prismatic beijing greenland center




halfway between beijing’s center and its airport (CIA), in the dawangjing business district, is the recently completed ‘beijing greenland center’ by SOM. standing at 260 meters, the multi-purpose tower features 55-levels with a prismatic, trapezoidal glass façade. a visual and functional choice, the eye-catching envelope reflects sunlight to street level — especially important in the city’s overcast sky — and self-shades to improve environmental performance.

the tower is located in the recently developed dawangjing business district
images courtesy SOM © LV hengzhong




SOM’s ‘beijing greenland center’ offers various programs within its walls: state-of-the-art office space, 178 apartments, and a multi-level retail section. in addition to the tower’s refracting façade, an automated direct digital control system, heat reclaim wheel, H&C variable speed pumps, and water-side economizer for evaporative cooling are utilized: a goal of 30% reduction below baseline has been set to achieve. 

SOM beijing greenland center china
trapezoidal façade


façade detail

SOM beijing greenland center china
the glass envelope provides benefit to residents and improves the building’s environmental impact


SOM beijing greenland center china
‘beijing greenland center’ designed by SOM