SOM envisions sustainable pertamina energy tower in jakarta
image © SOM




rising to over 500 meters, the ‘pertamina energy tower’ will become the centerpiece of the energy company’s headquarters, forming a new landmark for the jakarta skyline. the 99-storey structure, designed by SOM, will embody the ideals of sustainable design, comprising a ‘wind funnel’ at its peak which will take advantage of prevailing winds, generating energy for the building. the site will function as a city within a city, bringing together living, working and recreational space.



SOM envisions sustainable pertamina energy tower in jakarta
approach to the sustainable tower
image © SOM




calibrated to respond to jakarta’s exact geographic location, the curved façade of the building extensively features brise soleil which ensure a comfortable internal temperature is achieved throughout the year, in addition to reducing the need for artificial lighting. a walkway covered in photovoltaic panels connects the scheme, protecting the site from the region’s weather patterns, and establishing a range of accessible public spaces. the site will also host a 2,000 seat auditorium, a large sports center as well a public mosque, forming a mix of public congregation points.



SOM envisions sustainable pertamina energy tower in jakarta
site plan




the development will reduce water demand across the site and minimize carbon dioxide emissions by 26%, generating 25% of energy from renewable sources by the year 2020. serving as the literal and figurative ‘heart’ of the scheme, a central energy plant will serve as the power production hub for the project.


the project is scheduled to be completed by 2020.



project information:


project completion year: 2020
site area: 57,512 sqm
project area: 495,000 sqm
number of stories: 99
building height: 530 m


architectural and engineering team: skidmore owings merrill, (SOM)
project management consultants: turner international
consultants: PT airmas asri, PT wiratman & associates
central energy generator developers: PT pembangunan perumahan, PT hutama karya