‘zhengzhou greenland plaza’ by SOM, zenghzou, chinaimages courtesy of SOM



crowning the skyline of the emerging city of zhenghou, SOM‘s ‘zhengzhou greenland plaza’ uses scientifically derived mechanisms to provide the idealworking conditions throughout the 60-storey office and hotel building. the circular structure was conceived as a column, alluding to the powerful classical symbolbut incorporates sophisticated systems that clearly define it’s intentions towards the future. sections of painted aluminum screens three to five stories tallwrap the exterior envelope, separated one to two meters from the curtain wall. the state-of-the-art shades posses an outward cant that plays with the effect of porosity depending on your proximity to the tower. more importantly, they allow views to the exterior while constantly protecting the glass skin from direct sunlight and over excessive solar gain, at the same time engineered to reflect indirect light into the interior.  another innovative device is the heliostatlocated on the top of the building. SOM’s design director ross wimer explains that ‘like the solar screening, the heliostat is a scientifically-derived element that enhances the experience of daylight for the building’s users.’ the mechanism reflects light deep into the tower’s central atrium whose surface finishes furtherassist in making sure the more centrally-located spaces receive natural light. a computer-controlled dimmer switch regulates the amount of light accepted intothe atrium to maintain a comfortable visual environment.



SOM: zhengzhou greenland plazailluminated aluminum screens



SOM: zhengzhou greenland plazatower stands as an icon for the city



SOM: zhengzhou greenland plaza



SOM: zhengzhou greenland plazathe angle from which the tower is viewed reveals different transparencies



SOM: zhengzhou greenland plaza(left) central atrium(right) aluminum louvers



SOM: zhengzhou greenland plazainterior office space



SOM: zhengzhou greenland plazarooftop heliostat



project info:



floor area: 2.59 million ft2program: offices on the lower floors, 416 room hotel aboveheight: 60 stories / 280 m / 919 ftlocation: northeast zhengzhou