‘one ocean’ by soma, yeosu, south korea all images courtesy of soma

opening in yeosu, south korea on may 12, the EXPO 2012 thematic pavilion ‘one ocean’ by viennese practice soma is finally complete. after winning an open international competition in 2009, the proposal for the world exhibition developed into a reality, generating a multi-layered experience with a kinetic facade of fins which move in ocean-like patterns. spanning 140 meters, the elevation undulates from 3 to 13 meters in height. topographical lines along the roof translate into 108 vertical lamellas to control solar gain and then begin to open and close in a choreographed sequence after the sun sets. compressive forces are imposed upon the blades made of glass fiber reinforced polymers, a material high in tensile strength with low bending stiffness allowing for repeated and reversible elastic deformations. upper and lower motors generate a side rotation with a screw spindle driven by a computerized servomotor.

positioned upon an industrial harbor, a permanent structure and waterfront promenade will serve as a tourist destination and permanent attraction for residents. derived from the ocean concept, morphing surfaces organize the spatial sequences. upright surfaces create portals to welcome visitors into the exhibition area and transition into horizontal levels serving as a flexible stage for ‘the best practice area’. concrete structures in the forms of cones redefine the edge of the meandering coast, offering panoramic views of the nearby islands from roof top terraces. a public landscape of plateaus and paths unfold from the pavilion.

soma: one ocean   thematic pavilion for yeosu expo 2012 complete view of the pavilion from the ocean

see designboom’s initial coverage of this project’s initial release and schematic design.

soma: one ocean   thematic pavilion for yeosu expo 2012 complete kinetic facade

soma: one ocean   thematic pavilion for yeosu expo 2012 complete concrete cones