sordo madaleno twists mexican art pavilion referencing infinity symbol
images courtesy of sordo madaleno arquitectos / renders by cg veron




mexican practice sordo madaleno arquitectos has envisioned a concept for the design of the PA-MX – a mexican art pavilion – an idea introduced by renowned artist josé rivelino moreno valle, who wanted to promote the idea of his own traveling exhibition around europe and within mexico.

the pavilion is part transparent and part solid, this dual nature permits diverse exhibitions to be hosted inside




the scheme aims to foster a connection between the viewer and the art. presented as a cultural space with its own architectural identity, it reflects the forward thinking aspects of current mexican architecture. the core concept behind the project is ‘the infinity symbol’. explored literally and architecturally, the structural form of the pavilion is based on the twisting nature of the symbol.

the project is influenced by artist rivelino’s works which is expressed with mathematics, engineering and architecture




constructed using pre-fabricated timber elements, the frames are linked by post-tensioned steel tubes. meanwhile internally, the enclosure is visualized as part solid and part transparent, demonstrated by its dynamic twisting floor which blurs the transition between the floor and the wall. this dual nature of the materials permits versatile exhibitions hostedt: the solid walls function as a background to the works, while the transparent walls allow the entry of natural light and the projection of art installations.

the core concept behind the form is the infinity symbol which has influenced the twisted nature