SOSU architects completes fragmented 'T-roof' apartments in south korea

SOSU architects completes fragmented 'T-roof' apartments in south korea

breaking down a monolith in gangdong-gu


SOSU Architects completes a mixed-use ‘T-Roof’ development in Gangdong-Gu, South Korea. The project takes its name from the three roofs which characterize its identity, as it is divided into an assemblage of vertical volumes. With this organization, the design team responds to the scale of the urban fabric, introducing a massive project without creating a monolith. To unify these shifting masses, the structure is crafted with a single, cohesive material of white concrete masonry units. Inside, the T-Roof complex hosts both residential and commercial programming.

sosu architects t-roofimages © Gyeong Roh



sosu architects responds to its site


The team at SOSU Architects connects its T-Roof development to its surroundings with an array of windows and terraces. These openings — strategically located in an irregular organization — serve to frame the city beyond, creating a new urban landscape. The architects explain: ‘Various images of life are contained in diverse stories in the scene of a cartoon.’

sosu architects t-roof



the gardens of T-roof


The design team at SOSU Architects explains the landscaped design of its T-Roof Apartments: ‘A narrow street in the back mixed with pedestrian and car roads is making an activated landscape of a city as roads and lives are closely related to each other. However, they have a poor pedestrian environment.


‘T-Roof has planned a small public garden along the roadside, adding relaxation to the activated alley landscape. Small gardens at a patio for each generation serve a role of the landscape from public gardens in a city with high-rise buildings nearby.’

sosu architects t-roof

the ground level hosts parking spaces for residents

sosu architects t-roofspaces created by the shifted forms allows room for gardens


the shifted design generates subtle gaps, lending unexpected windows

sosu architects t-roofthe pitched roofs create dramatic sloping interiors


living spaces are flooded with natural light





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