sp10 studio attaches mirrored elevator to italian villa
photo by andrea bosio
all images courtesy of sp10 studio




architects sp10 studio have completed the addition of a reflective elevator to the 18th-century villa durazzo bombrini, located in genoa, italy. the project serves as an appendage to the building’s circulation, permitting equal access to the upper level. the rectilinear form’s mirrored surfaces transmit images of its surroundings, including trees, the sky, and the residence’s façade.

sp10 studio mirrored elevator designboomthe elevator serves to provide access to the villa’s upper level
photo by andrea bosio

sp10 studio mirrored elevator designboom
(left): the lift reflects both the garden and building façade
(right): blurring the boundaries of its physical location, the modern material blends into the neoclassical setting
photos by andrea bosio

sp10 studio mirrored elevator designboom
one must carefully consider the boundaries of the addition when approaching
photo by andrea bosio

sp10 studio mirrored elevator designboomaxonometric diagram clarifying the elevator’s position in relation to the villa
image by sp10 studio

sp10 studio mirrored elevator designboomconceptual image, which recalls the photo montages made by superstudio for the project monumento continuo
image by sp10 studio




gian piero frassinelli, member of the 1960s architecture group superstudio, visited the elevator to evaluate its relationship to the work of superstudio. below is an excerpt from his reflections:


‘as soon as I saw that tower of mirrors I felt attracted to it and wanted to go and see what was inside. those who, like us, have long been pondering upon mirrors know that it is easy to enter them: it is enough to go towards them with assurance, without stopping when the cold surface is felt; for [the] second one sees the reflection of [their] own back, [they become] aware of having reached the inside. thus I found myself inside a lift cabin which was also entirely made of mirrors; the infinite setting, created by the repeated reflections and fading all around me in the darkness of distance…’




project info:


location: cornigliano, genova, italy
architect: sp10 studio
completion: 2014
program: external elevator
client: società per cornigliano
photography: andrea bosio