spaceworkers levitates megalithic be-house to defy gravity in portugal
images © FG+SG
all images courtesy of spaceworkers




portuguese studio spaceworkers has constructed a house that appears to defy gravity by floating out over its landscape. located in paredes in portugal, the ‘be-house’ consists of a megalithic mono-block that sits atop a transparent volume with panels of glazing. the elevated portion of the structure contains the service functions and private spaces, while the open level below consists of more public programs, offering a direct connection to the outside and surrounding decks. juxtaposing materials such as wood, black stone on the base and the concrete block on the upper level, help to further heighten the sense of contrast the exists between the building and its form.


‘it is precisely this idea of ‘gravitational lightness’ that fascinates us and which is based the concept of this project.’ says spaceworkers.


a large monolithic volume hovers over the transparent base


spaceworkers levitates megalithic be-house to defy gravity in portugal
different materials are used to create a sense of contrast between the layers


spaceworkers levitates megalithic be-house to defy gravity in portugal
south view of the house in paredes, portugal


east view from the exterior access


a pool is inserted through the lower level of the house


view through the covered pool area


the living room connects directly with the surrounding landscape


light filters through to the living room


view of the dining room area


a wall divides the dining and living spaces on the lower level


hall to the bedrooms



project info:


project: residential building
year: 2007-2013
size: 800m2
location: paredes
architects: spaceworkers®
principal architects: henrique marques and rui dinis
architects: rui rodrigues, sérgio rocha, daniel neto, vasco giesta, josé carlos
finance director: carla duarte – cfo
engineer: aspp engenheiros, lda
photography: FG+SG



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