SPF:architects completes a sweeping, three-winged ‘orum’ residence overlooking bel-air, los angeles. the three-level glass home subtly ‘floats’ overhead the developed neighborhood and expansive california hills, integrating into its environment while maximizing views. in plan, the 18,800 square-foot structure takes the form of a three-pronged propeller. each wing is wrapped in mirrored glass, reflecting the vast los angeles basin. as the home is intended as a welcoming space for hosting and entertaining, spf:a distributes the program across the three blades, separating a centralized gathering space from surrounding bedroom suites in each wing.

SPF:architects oren residence
all images by matthew momberger 



SPF:architects distributes private program across the three wings with shared and circulatory spaces convening in the center. this confluence takes the form of an expressive glass and steel staircase, providing a straightforward solution to the vast home’s circulation. it further offers a visual connection to what would otherwise have been a disparate area. the three wings host the master and ‘mini-master’ suites while the northern wing holds two smaller bedrooms. ‘orum’ rises two stories above ground with its third floor burrowed into the hill. the ground floor provides the entry and communal spaces for gathering, while the top floor is dedicated to the home’s private spaces.

SPF:architects oren residence



the glass curtain wall which wraps the third floor is a sophisticated structural system custom developed in part with swiss company sky-frame. the structure makes use of panels comprising five different widths and four different opacities. these panels are either reflective, opaque, translucent, or clear. the ensemble as a whole suggests an infinite, visually shifting, shimmering façade. an exterior terrace space includes a kitchen, two fire pits, and an LED-lit pool. all roof, balcony, and hardscape water is directed to a 7,000-gallon underground tank for landscape irrigation.

SPF:architects oren residence



SPF:a founder and creative director, judit m. fekete comments:the light in los angeles is very dynamic and can be both calming and energizing. as the site is positioned quite high above the city with almost no impediments, we wanted the house to capture the spirit of these dualities. the huge panels of glass provide the home’s inhabitants with a strong connection to nature and the daily and seasonal arcs of light.’

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project info:


architect: SPF:architects

project title: orum residence

location: bel air, los angeles, california

facade: sky-frame

built area: 18,000 sqft

completion: february 2019

photography: matthew momberger