entitled ‘rumblefish,’ a vibrant, simply designed bike path and pedestrian bridge by SPF:architects will span 400-feet across the LA river. the project, soon to be constructed, will link elysian valley ‘frogtown’ to taylor yard, a 42 acre industrial parcel and former railyard site at the center of the city’s river revitalization plans. the bridge is playfully named in reference to the 1983 coppola film about rival gangs as a symbolic gesture to the area’s own history of gang violence. SPF:a envisions the officially-named ‘taylor yard bikeway & pedestrian bridge’ as a more peaceful community collision in los angeles, both a place of meeting and a space for quiet contemplation along the river.

spf rumblefish bridge
all images courtesy of SPF:architects



with the design of ‘rumblefish,’ SPF:architects expresses influence from classic railway bridges and the mid-20th century los angeles case study houses. to be built with tube steel, wide flange steel, and steel rods, the geometric simplicity and deliberate structural lightness suggests that the vibrant orange bridge simply floats across the river. while the project is still ongoing, construction will begin in july with an expected opening date later in 2021.

spf rumblefish bridge



designed with an uncomplicated architecture, SPF:architects’ ‘rumblefish’ visually suggests a simple box truss bridge sloping east to west. while the bridge is conceived to seemingly float overhead the LA river, even the connecting river path seems to float within the steel structure. this effect is achieved as the walkway tilts to meet the different elevations of the river banks while the exterior structure itself remains level. the track is an extension of the roads and walkways along terra firma in representation of the city’s path as it crosses the bridge — the truss is there to simply support this path in place.

spf rumblefish bridge spf rumblefish bridge spf rumblefish bridge spf rumblefish bridge spf rumblefish bridge



project info:


project title: ‘rumblefish’ taylor yard bikeway & pedestrian bridge 

architecture: SPF:architects

location: connects elysian valley and taylor yard, los angeles

design team: zoltan e. pali, judit m. fekete-pali, siddhartha majumdar, ryan hong