‘UR house’ by SPRB arquitectosall images courtesy of SPRB arquitectos




the simplicity of the UR house comes from its geometric base structure in which a cantilevered volume – whose form references the archetypal shape of a house – intersects its depth. designed by mexican-firm SPRB arquitectos, this family home features inner courtyards and green patio / terrace which offer views out to its guayangareo valley, mexico location. the main communal spaces – kitchen and family room – are located at the subterranean level with open vistas of the garden. the master bedroom is on the ground level with two additional sleeping quarters and a study on the second floor. tiered terraces extend outwards from the back of the house for immediate access to the exterior which directly open the dwelling up to the outdoors. because of a tight budget the construction materials of concrete and and brick are left in their unrefined form which provide and expressive visual contrast between the stacked structures.

SPRB arquitectos UR housefront entrance

SPRB arquitectos UR house

SPRB arquitectos UR houseinner courtyards offer views of to the dwelling’s guayangareo valley, mexico location

 SPRB arquitectos UR house

SPRB arquitectos UR housealternative views of the courtyard and the structure’s contrasting structural materials of brick and concrete 

SPRB arquitectos UR housea green terrace / patio offers more outdoor space to enjoy the natural surroundings

SPRB arquitectos UR housemain floor where the master bedroom is located

SPRB arquitectos UR housemaster bedroom with square cut-out windows

SPRB arquitectos UR housethe construction materials used on the exterior carry through to the interior 

 SPRB arquitectos UR house

SPRB arquitectos: UR house, mexicoview of how the cantilevered form intersects the dwelling 

SPRB arquitectos: UR house, mexicoall windows are in square shaped 

SPRB arquitectos: UR house, mexico

SPRB arquitectos: UR house, mexicoprofile in which windows line the entire length of the building

SPRB arquitectos: UR house, mexicotiered terraces extended from the back of the house

SPRB arquitectos: UR house, mexico

SPRB arquitectos: UR house, mexicothe subterranean level of the house has open views to its valley location

SPRB arquitectos UR houseground level -3.00

SPRB arquitectos UR houseground level 

SPRB arquitectos UR houseground level +3.00

SPRB arquitectos UR housesouth elevation

SPRB arquitectos UR housewest elevation

SPRB arquitectos UR houseeast elevation

SPRB arquitectos UR housesection

SPRB arquitectos UR housesection



project info:

project: UR house        

architects: SPRB arquitectos – laura sánchez penichet, carlos rodríguez bernalcollaborators: juan carlos arauz, ricardo valdivia, jonathan estradastructural design: ulises vázquez / cie gdlconstruction: carlos primo torres arenalphotos: SPRB arquitectosarea: 270 m2location: morelia, mexico.date: project, 2010construction dates: 2011-2012