natura futura arquitectura has completed the restoration of a disused, deteriorated building located in the center of the city of babahoyo, in ecuador. installing a newly reconfigured brick facade, the architects have preserved the artisanal feel and the evident empiricism of the area, while adding to the architectural dialogue between aluminium and cement; modern and contemporary.

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all images courtesy of natura futura arquitectura



natura futura arquitectura has introduced the new front facade as a wall that is useful, for the both city and the interior of the building. in this way, the link between the interior and the exterior is not reduced to a mere physical membrane, but it’s further extended to its ability to show itself as a limit and a useful program at the same time. 

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the regenerated facade is 8m wide x 10m high, adopting a modular design based on square brick units. this system is interspersed with mass and void areas, allowing adequate natural lighting and ventilation in every single space. the facade covers all stories of the structure, with the brick volumetry being completed with recessed glass panels. the design allows the generation of bookcases, workspaces, galleries and shelves inside each floor, while on the outside it gives way to floating plant terraces.

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during the design process, the architects explored new ways of seeing the city and its limits. through a series of questioning about potential new living systems and new city framing techniques, the natura futura team came up with a variety of windows, where the view is enjoyed squatting and on tiptoe – depending on how tall or short you are. in other words, the concept of ‘traditional window’ has been transgressed without disregarding its functionality, as well as its access to light, wind, and views.

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project info:


name: operation between walls
architecture office: natura futura arquitectos
collaborators: teddy andaluz, jhonatan andrade
location: babahoyo, los rios, ecuador 



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