in taipei, taiwan, ST design studio introduces the ‘OW residence‘ for two owners with completely different lifestyles and habits. despite their dissimilar life paces, both residents shared a desire for an extremely pure and simple environment. since one of the owners has an architectural background, the studio strived for a unique configuration, providing a variety of living spaces.

residence ow 7
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as a first step, ST design studio removed all existing interior walls in order to generate a single open space. in the center of this spacious room, an installation has been added, made only by birch plywood. the structure divides the space, generating an interesting interior layout. when facing the living room, part of the structure works as a shelf, offering space for display and storage, while when facing the bedroom, part of it works as a wardrobe. in addition, the side of the structure that faces the window, functions as a niche where one can enjoy some peaceful alone time.

residence ow 2



the circulation within the residence is flexible, with rich spatial connections being formed through the use of a sliding door. all rooms are linked, with multiple interconnections between the bedroom, storage space, dressing room, passageway and living room. in this way, the two owners can use the same areas conveniently while maintaining their individual lifestyles, giving each other enough privacy. the overall space is kept simple, with white walls and grey floor. there is a balance between the plywood installation volume and the overall grayish space, which shows independence, yet feels integrated at the same time. on the feature wall of the bedroom, a large blue circle brings the sense of gravity to the overall light interior. 

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project info:


name: residence OW
designer: ST design studio
location: new taipei triple zone




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