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On October 20th, 2022, Starbucks announces the opening of its newest location in Daegu, South Korea. More than just a coffee shop, this space marks the transformation of a timber ‘hanok’ house with a history of more than one hundred years. The interiors have been meticulously designed in the traditional style, which is recognized by its exposed wooden framework, ornamental detailing, and tiled gable roof, all built atop a low, brick foundation. The original structure has been preserved — including the roof, rafters, beams, columns, and floors — while the space has been elevated to 21st century standards. In this way, the café takes shape to combine a traditional and modern experience.


The new location is announced alongside a partnership with Bang & Olufsen, as the team seeks to connect the past and the present through architecture and music alike. For those traveling to the area soon, Starbucks and Bang & Olufsen will celebrate the opening with a series of events (find more here).

starbucks south koreaimages courtesy Starbucks | @starbuckskorea



inside starbucks daegu


Starbucks crafts its new shop in Daegu, South Korea to recreate the atmosphere of the historic hanok. The lofty, sunlit interiors integrate dry gardens into the flooring, while the rooms open onto a quiet outdoor garden. The space covers 199 pyeong (around 7,000 square feet), and fits 120 seats. Many of these seats are installed on the parquet floor of the historic house to gaze directly out onto the garden.


The Starbucks Daegu shop will be filled with music through a Bang & Olufsen sound system designed specially for the space.

starbucks south koreaone area offers seating installed into the wooden flooring

starbucks south korea
the shop combines the modern and the traditional starbucks south korea
ornamental detailing is meticulously preserved starbucks sets up shop in a century-old timber hanok in south korea
music is played through a Bang & Olufsen sound system starbucks sets up shop in a century-old timber hanok in south koreaStarbucks and Bang & Olufsen celebrate the opening of the new location at Jong-go, Daegu


project info:


project title: Starbucks Daegu

location: 77-gil 22 Jungang-daero, Jong-go, Daegu, South Korea

opening: October 20th, 2022

collaborator: Bang & Olufsen