stefano Boeri to Transform an Industrial Site


Stefano Boeri Architetti‘s ‘Urban Oasis’ masterplan has been chosen to revitalize a former industrial area in Bratislava, Slovakia. The project will create a new central hub for the city through a large public park surrounded by green buildings. The winning design was chosen in an international competition for the development of the Chalupkova district, a three-hectare area near Bratislava’s historic center and Danube River. Despite its prime location, Chalupkova has remained largely abandoned for decades. The Urban Oasis project aims to transform it into a thriving neighborhood with contemporary architecture and a focus on sustainability.

stefano boeri bratislavaBratislava is set to gain a new central hub with this ‘Urban Oasis’ district | images © Stefano Boeri Architetti



an ‘urban oasis’ in bratislava


The centerpiece of Stefano Boeri Architetti’s masterplan in Bratislava is a large public park. Bordering the park will be a mix of residential buildings, including a skyscraper and four mid-rise structures offering a total of 1,300 apartments. The project emphasizes a variety of housing options to cater to a diverse range of residents. The winning proposal is said to have stood out for its ‘European matrix,’ referencing traditional stone and brick facades integrated with greenery. This approach was praised by the jury in contrast to proposals from other firms that leaned towards a more modern aesthetic.


Architect and studio founder Stefano Boeri sees the Urban Oasis as a model for the ‘Archipelago metropolis.’ This concept envisions neighborhoods as self-sufficient hubs with clean energy production, diverse functions, and a strong connection to nature. Pietro Chiodi, partner at Stefano Boeri Architetti, highlights the project’s focus on creating a high-quality public space while also considering factors like noise pollution and sunlight optimization. The park is designed to be a flexible and attractive space that also contributes to regulating the microclimate of the neighborhood.

stefano boeri bratislava
Stefano Boeri Architetti wins the competition to revitalize Bratislava’s former industrial area



sustainable design principles


For the team at Stefano Boeri Architetti, sustainability is a major theme in Bratislava’s Urban Oasis project. Pedestrian and bicycle paths will be prioritized throughout the development, while car use will be discouraged. Solar panels will contribute to the neighborhood’s energy needs, and green roofs and permeable pavements will manage rainwater runoff. Construction is expected to begin in 2026, with the first phase focusing on residential development. The entire project is expected to take approximately ten years to complete.


Juraj Nevolník, executive director of Penta Real Estate, the developer behind the project, sees the Urban Oasis as a catalyst for Bratislava’s growth. He believes the project’s international acclaim reflects the city’s growing importance and potential.

stefano boeri bratislava
a large public park will be the centerpiece of the new district in Bratislava
stefano boeri bratislava
a mix of residential buildings with a total of 1,300 apartments are planned
stefano boeri unveils winning masterplan for new green district in bratislava
construction of Bratislava’s ‘Urban Oasis’ district expected to begin in 2026




project info:


project title: Urban Oasis

architecture: Stefano Boeri Architetti | @stefanoboeriarchitetti
founding partner: Stefano Boeri
partner in charge: Pietro Chiodi
design team: Davide Antolini, Agostino Bucci, Paolo D’Alessandro, Mohamed Hassan Elgendy Riccardo Gilioli, Klodiana Kajmaku, Andrea Spadoni (Bim Manager), Gabriella Coletta
landscape: Eelco Hooftman, Barbora Micovska, Federica Righetti
client: Penta Real Estate