‘M building’ by stéphane maupin, paris, france all images courtesy of stéphane maupin

paris-based stéphane maupin architectes have recently completed ‘M building’, an apartment block containing 20 residences on rue rebière in paris, france. positioned upon a 600 meter long and 25 meter wide plot, a split building form responds to urban zoning constraints due to its positioning next to a cemetery. eliminating a prominent front elevation, the cascading flats are oriented towards the middle of the narrow site, opening each unit to sunlight throughout the year and multiple sight lines into the canopies of nearby mature trees. the 45 degree slopes of the internal faces incline to create a centrally located and shared rooftop terrace that is illuminated at all times of the day.

incorporating the rhythm and proportions of parisian roofs, each unit is stepped in a disorderly yet predictable manner with wide terraces that double as hanging gardens. the inward scheme adds an intimate atmosphere, inviting dwellers to communicate with their neighbors across the void or visit friends without crossing any streets with a linear staircase that connects the lofts, evoking the feeling of a small village. the external appearance maintains a neutral finish which changes to a shiny metal sheathing, reflecting light upon the internal surfaces.

stéphane maupin: M building street elevation

stéphane maupin: M building (left) shared central roof area (right) paths and terraces connect the split building configuration

stéphane maupin: M building cascade of terraces

stéphane maupin: M building each loft has a personal balcony or terrace which overlooks the central void and shared roof areas

stéphane maupin: M building outward view to the central void and opposing half of the building

stéphane maupin: M building loft interior

stéphane maupin: M building site plan

stéphane maupin: M building floor plan / level 0

stéphane maupin: M building floor plan / level 1

stéphane maupin: M building floor plan / level 2

stéphane maupin: M building section

stéphane maupin: M building elevation

project info:

client: paris habitat team: SM project: 20 housings location: rue rebière, paris date: january 2012 surface: 1800m² cost: 2 500 000 EUR