standing on stilts, this house blends japanese sensibilities with modern aesthetics

standing on stilts, this house blends japanese sensibilities with modern aesthetics


Makido Architects forms Japanese-style building


Makido Architects have completed ‘YT house on the southern shore of a small lake that retains a landscape of reed colonies in Shimane Prefecture, Japan. The aim of the project was to blend Japanese sensibilities with modern aesthetics, all the while making the most of the beautiful landscape that opens up toward the lake. To meet these ambitions, the design team eschewed the formal Japanese elements for the facade, and instead, they formed a vertical grid that stands on stilts, reflecting the natural elements of the area. standing on stilts, this house blends japanese sensibilities with modern aesthetics

all images by Kenichi Notsu, Makido Architects



when dark, it resembles an andon lantern


In an attempt to combine Japanese aesthetics with modern architecture, the architects opted for a grid made of a silver-gray steel plate material that looks like aged gray wood. Thanks to its irregular form, its expression changes depending on the angle of view and shadows. Thus, when the dark falls, the shoji screens on the south side of the building enliven and cast a soft light on the surroundings like an andon lantern.


The floor height was adjusted taking its cue from the traditional wooden houses built on stilts. This way, it provides ample storage space, moisture proofing around the building, maintenance of underfloor equipment, and disaster prevention measures.


The area that hosts the tatami room is enveloped in a soft gradation of light created by the vertical cedar latticework and Japanese paper-wrapped shoji screens. Inside, the design team created a play between heights and levels. Sloping ceiling panels of the same wood grain style with heights ranging from 1,900 to 3,700 cover the entire plane. Thus, the interior changes character depending on the height of the floor, creating cozy nooks for its inhabitants. 

yt 3yt 2yt 1


yt 7
entrance hall

yt 6
bedroomyt 8
tatami room

yt 9
living/dining room

yt 10
yt 11
yt 12
yt 5



project info:


name: YT house

designer: Makido Architects / Nasuka Makido+Takashi Ago

completion year: 2021

gross built area: 188.42 sqm

location: Izumo-shi, Shimane, Japan 

photography: Kenichi Notsu, Makido Architects



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