storefront for art + architecture presents 'part III - manifesto series: the sharing movement'


‘part III — manifesto series: the sharing movement’ is the third installment of a series of events initiated by storefront for art and architecture and the metropolitan museum of art, and is now to be followed up by a collaboration with the seoul biennial of architecture and urbanism. the series brings together leading practitioners and scholars within the sharing movement to explore its spatial, social, public and private consequences — many of which are changing the future of urban life.

(above) audience members at the first instalment of the manifesto series. image courtesy of storefront
(main) UIA (urban intensity architect) container housing by SH corporation. photo by kyungsub shin



the ongoing expansion of the non-stop processes of twenty-first-century capitalism has accelerated the proliferation of digital sharing platforms for the exchange of goods, information, and spaces. today, apartments, cars, work-spaces and all kinds of services can be exchanged, opening the possibilities for new understandings of the city and urban space. the sharing of documents and information online, the proliferation of co-working spaces and the rise of community driven facilities like airbnb and etsy has driven ‘sharing’ culture to the forefront in recent years. but the promises of the so-called ‘sharing economies’ come along with controversies around the unequal consequences of such a process.

the initiative is a co-venture of storefront for art and architecture and the metropolitan museum of art
image courtesy of storefront



how can design and architecture adapt to the urban transformation of a ‘shared’ economy? how can the discipline of architecture prevent from lagging behind the new technologies and industries geared toward a life of sharing? how can the architect intervene in the different economic, legal, and design arguments provoked by the sharing market?


‘part III — manifesto series: the sharing movement’ will take place on tuesday, november 22, 2016 from 7pm to 9pm at storefront for art and architecture, new york, and is free and open to the public. speakers include emily abruzzo, elvira barriga, adam frampton, soik jung, laura y. liu, hyungmin pai and alejandro zaera-polo.



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