besim krosa envisions the austere and monumental ‘villa in brezo,’ perched atop a desolate, snow-covered slope. the architect and visual designer, based in pristina, kosovo, celebrates the nobility of raw materials, offering a return to imposing brutalism. the design language of the dwelling within its mountainous context recalls the strict concrete angles of marcel breuer’s snowy concrete ski resort in flaine, france. while the mountain lodge is typically realized as a cozy and decorative timber cabin, the material palette visually suggests a rocky geological outcropping from beneath the snow.

villa brezo besim krosa
images by studio krosa



architectural and visual designer besim krosa comments on the creation of his proposed villa in brezo:for a long time I asked myself what constitutes beauty in architecture and what makes architecture in general, and I came to the conclusion that it is the noble nature of the materials and the form. I started with this approach and that’s how I came to this result! unfortunately this project will not come to life as we did not find a common language with the building owner.’

villa brezo besim krosavilla brezo besim krosa villa brezo besim krosa villa brezo besim krosa villa brezo besim krosa villa brezo besim krosa



project info:


project title: villa in brezo

design: besim krosa

visualization: studio krosa