‘Villas in Montefiascone’: simple outlines, modern accents 


Architecture firm studio gamp! has just finished planning the ‘Villas in Montefiascone’, a set of three houses –  two above ground and one below – located in the gentle countryside of Viterbo, Italy. The overground pitched-roof volumes stand as converted tuff buildings that once stored agricultural machinery, while the underground house sits smaller in size and holds a garden roof 


‘The idea was to imagine simple, almost archetypical, houses, blending harmoniously into the Tuscia landscape without altering its balance, retracing an established image, without giving up on the characteristics of a modern project,’ explain the architects. 

a new villa in montefiascone 2
all images © Lorenzo Zandri



playing with geometry, function, and fluidity 


The ‘Villas in Montefiascone’ reveal a strong balance between rigorous functional layouts and spatial fluidity. To strike that balance, gamp! (see more here) seamlessly connected the interiors to the exterior by accurately positioning the windows and upgrading existing balconies, which show a predisposition to outdoor life. 


These are traditional houses, though we have played with their geometries through slight deformations and through the way they rest upon the ground; particularly in the light blue house, the planimetric deformation, which is visible in the living room, makes the space ever-changing and lacking symmetry,’ shares the team. 

a new villa in montefiascone 4



a traditional choice of materials 


Wanting the houses to fuse with the rural landscape, gamp! resorted to traditional materials: terracotta, trowelled plaster, travertine, and stone for the facades; stoneware, ceramic, and wood for the interiors. This selection guarantees durability, easy maintenance, and a capacity to endure the traces of time.  


The recycled terracotta tiles cover the smallest house of the set, from wall to ceiling. Wainscot panels climb up the facades of the light blue residence, while stoneware and ceramic tiles cover its interior walls and fireplaces. As a final touch, the surrounding landscape is dotted with simple metal gazeboes, creating building outlines that ‘counteract the commodity of the internal living spaces.’

these archetypical houses by studio gamp! gently fuse with the italian countryside

a new villa in montefiascone 7

a new villa in montefiascone 10

a new villa in montefiascone 8

a new villa in montefiascone 6




these archetypical houses by studio gamp! gently fuse with the italian countryside
these archetypical houses by studio gamp! gently fuse with the italian countryside

project info:


name: Villas in Montefiascone

location: Montefiascone, Viterbo, Italy

project year: 2021

house area: 333 sqm

annex area: 101 sqm 
architecture: studio gamp!

partner: Roberta Nocco

structural work: Fabio Giraldo

construction company: Franchi 2004 s.r.l

garden and exterior spaces: Valentino Anselmi, Valerio Palmieri, Luca Dionisi (landscaper) 

botanical dry garden suppliers: Graniti Fiandre, Orsolini Amedeo S.p.a.
photography: Lorenzo Zandri 



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edited by: Lea Zeitoun | designboom