studio gang partners with real estate firm urban villages in the design of ‘populus,’ a new and iconic landmark in denver. the mixed-use project will introduce a vibrant new social center in downtown denver, opening itself up to both the city and to the rocky mountains beyond. its location along a prominent corner site informs the triangular, wedge-like volume which greets the neighborhood equally on all three sides. including both hotel and apartment units, ‘populus’ will welcome both visitors and residents, connecting denver’s civic, arts, and commercial districts.

studio gang populus
images courtesy of studio gang



designed by studio gang with urban villages, ‘populus’ is wrapped in a sculptural facade. the building will host a 250-key hotel, 40 micro-apartments, a public rooftop bar and viewing deck, event spaces, and an activated ground-level lobby framed by windows which rise up to a height of 30 feet. the textural and rhythmic façade is informed by the building’s function. each vertical scallop spans the width of a hotel room, while its windows change in size in response to public and private spaces. 

studio gang populus



studio gang designs ‘populus’ with a distinctive facade that expresses the patterning found on colorado’s aspen trees. as the trees grow, they shed their lower branches, leaving behind dark, eye-shaped marks on the papery bark of their trunks. the windows are further detailed to perform efficiently in the denver climate. on the exterior, the ‘lids’ of each window stretch outward according to solar orientation to shade the interior, improving the building’s energy performance. they also neatly channel rainwater to keep the façade looking fresh over time.

studio gang populus



the project is currently in the building permit process, with construction expected to begin later in 2021 with the goal of delivery in 2023.

studio gang populus



2019 10 24 Environmental Diagram
2019 11 02 Concept Diagram

project info:


project title: populus

architecture: studio gang architecture

client: urban villages

location: denver, colorado

program: mixed-use

structural engineer: studio NYL

interior design: design agency

civil engineer: kimley-horn

MEP/FP and sustainability consultant: WSP

acoustic engineer: arup

lighting consultant: LS group

vertical transportation consultant: lerch bates

code consultant: advanced consulting engineers