adjacent to its larger arbor workspaces, studio gang will introduce its dynamic residential project ‘terraine’ for the westbank campus in san jose. developed in partnership by westbank, urban community, peterson, optrust and terrascape ventures, ‘terraine’ will stand as the seventh project among the overall campus. together, ‘arbor’ and ‘terraine’ celebrate the spirit of westbank’s goal to transform the urban sprawl into a vibrant city where its community will live, work, and spend time. terraine will add beautifully designed residences to complement the neighboring workspaces of arbor so that those who work in san jose are not commuting from other areas, but connecting with the growing city. 

studio gang terraine
images courtesy of studio gang



‘terraine’ and ‘arbor’ are being designed by studio gang to complement each other while celebrating the spirit of the westbank campus. the two buildings — separated between their residential and workspace programming — will share resources, energy, and a public realm along the level of the street. the urban intervention will activate the neighborhood and generate a lively sidewalk life. terraine will further westbank‘s efforts toward an overall initiative that will achieve net zero carbon or even carbon positive. both terraine and arbor are climate responsive structures, designed to be highly sustainable and to adapt to varying environmental conditions on different sides of the site. 

studio gang terraine



andrew jacobson of westbank comments on terraine, designed together with studio gang:we’re really excited to add this project to our silicon valley campus. terraine will be a residential-focused project that not only compliments our arbor workspace project next door, but will help address the fundamental challenges of balancing office with housing in silicon valley. our aim is to help create this balance, while also responding to climate change, where this project, and all of our projects in the initiative, are designed to collectively achieve net zero.’

studio gang terraine studio gang's 'terraine' for westbank campus will reshape the urban sprawl of san jose



project info:


project title: terraine for westbank campus

architecture: jeanne gang / studio gang architects

location: san jose, california

developer: westbankurban communitypeterson, OPtrust, and terrascape ventures

visualizations, drawing: courtesy of studio gang