studio libeskind designs london's newest maggie's centre with fluidly curving walls

studio libeskind designs london's newest maggie's centre with fluidly curving walls

Maggie’s royal free Opens in London


Standing in stark contrast to the Brutalist architecture of the Royal Free Hospital in London, Studio Libeskind‘s newly opened Maggie’s Centre has opened its doors. Designed by the internationally acclaimed English architects, Maggie’s Royal Free is a haven for cancer patients and their families, providing a nurturing space for emotional support and community amidst the often sterile environment of a medical institution.

maggie's centre libeskind
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maggie’s centre: a haven in the hospital


Studio Libeskind is the latest group to contribute its designs for Maggie’s Centre, envisioned by the late Charles Jencks and his wife Maggie Keswick Jencks after her cancer diagnosis. The concept has revolutionized the landscape of cancer care. Maggie’s Centres across the UK are designed by renowned architects, each offering a unique architectural language while adhering to a core philosophy: creating welcoming, non-clinical spaces that foster community, dignity, and emotional well-being for patients and their loved ones.

maggie's centre libeskind
a new Maggie’s Centre is a welcoming space for cancer patients at London’s Royal Free Hospital



Studio Libeskind’s sculptural Vision


Studio Libeskind, known for its dynamic and expressive architecture, brings its signature style to the Maggie’s Centre at the Royal Free Hospital. The building’s curving, timber-clad walls seem to rise organically from the ground in contrast to the stark geometry of the surrounding hospital buildings. This intentional dichotomy serves as a visual metaphor, offering a respite from the clinical atmosphere and beckoning visitors towards a space of comfort and solace. More than just a sculptural form, the building is designed to serve its specific function. Generous windows flood the interior with natural light, while carefully placed courtyards and gardens offer pockets of tranquility and connection to nature. The building’s layout fosters a sense of community, with open spaces for group activities and quiet nooks for individual reflection.

maggie's centre libeskind
the center’s design stands out with its organic, timber-clad form, contrasting the Brutalist hospital architecture



Studio Libeskind joins a prestigious company of architects who have contributed their talents to the Maggie’s Centre network. Renowned firms like Steven Holl Architects, Heatherwick Studio, and Foster + Partners have each created unique architectural expressions that embody the core values of the charity. This collaborative spirit pushes the boundaries of design, resulting in a diverse collection of centers, each responding to its specific context while sharing a common thread of empathy and hope.

maggie's centre libeskind
Maggie’s Centres prioritize emotional support and community for cancer patients maggie's centre libeskind
Studio Libeskind’s design uses natural light, courtyards, and open spaces to create a calming place


the new Maggie’s Centre hopes to show the power of architecture to create healing and uplifting spaces

studio libeskind designs london's newest maggie's centre with fluidly curving walls
each center embodies the charity’s values of empathy and hope, catering to specific contexts


Studio Libeskind joins a legacy of architecture firms including Heatherwick Studio and Steven Holl Architects

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