‘house 6’ by studio mk27 in são paulo, brazil all images courtesy studio mk27 photos by pedro kok, rômulo fialdini

‘house 6’ by brazilian architectural practice studio mk27 is a residential dwelling in são paulo which reinterprets the traditional veranda space. composed of two volumes stacked on one end, the new outdoor veranda is laid out perpendicularly to the living space instead of along its length, connecting the two areas on a pivot.

supported by a series of columns, the upper volume provides a covering for the outdoor space underneath. it hosts an outdoor dining area, living space with seats, and a kitchen extension and bar. a partial height stone wall provides separation and a backdrop to the otherwise completely open area. visually, the veranda has a well-established relationship to the swimming pool and the garden beyond.

perpendicular to the veranda is the lower volume of the house, which accommodates the living and dining space as well as a full kitchen tucked into the core of the structure. large sliding walls components made out of dark wood allows the possibility of extending the ground floor to the outdoors, promoting cross ventilation and a contiguous view of the garden. the interior is set back deep enough to remain shaded while in its open state. on the south side, a long courtyard lies between an annex unit which holds an office and a gym.

studio mk27: house 6ground floor opened to the pool and courtyard

studio mk27: house 6outdoor dining and living space is extended to the veranda area

studio mk27: house 6 the outdoor kitchen bar

studio mk27: house 6 veranda area by the pool

studio mk27: house 6 (left) swimming pool (right) dining space in the veranda

studio mk27: house 6 (top left) partial stone wall behind the veranda (bottom left) shading treatment of the upper volume (right) looking from the garden

studio mk27: house 6 retractable screen on the second floor

studio mk27: house 6 outdoor living space

studio mk27: house 6 (left) outdoor seating area by the pool (right) living and dining space with the walls fully retracted

studio mk27: house 6 tracts for the sliding walls living area in open state

studio mk27: house 6 closed state

studio mk27: house 6 (left) sliding door to the gym (right) detail of stone wall and wooden door

studio mk27: house 6 dining area in its open state with the annex office in the back

studio mk27: house 6 complete transparency of the dining and living space

studio mk27: house 6 screened entertainment room, second floor

studio mk27: house 6 (top left) first floor hallway (bottom left) interior kitchen (right) cantilevered stairs to the second floor

studio mk27: house 6 ground floor

studio mk27: house 6 first floor

studio mk27: house 6 second floor

studio mk27: house 6 section

project info:

site area: 890 m2 builted area: 995 m2 architecture author: marcio kogan architecture co-author: diana radomysler interior design co-authors: diana radomysler, mariana simas collaborator: eduardo chalabi team: beatriz meyer, carolina castroviejo, eduardo glycerio, gabriel kogan, lair reis, luciana antunes, maria cristina motta, oswaldo pessano, renata furlanetto, samanta cafardo, suzana glogowski landscape architect: renata tilli general contractor: lock engenharia, arq. marcelo ribeiro structure engineer: leão & associados, eng. joão rubens leão