artist-led creative practice studio morison presents an architectural installation entitled ‘MOTHER…’. with the occupiable sculpture built of timber and straw, heather and ivan morison seek to engage with the connections between the visitor’s mental health and the natural world. specifically situated among the wild, picturesque landscapes of fenland in eastern england, the work draws influence from the writings of richard mabey. in his book ‘nature cure,’ the author recovers from severe depression by walking, watching, and writing about the eastern region’s beautiful and unexplored landscapes.

mother studio morison
all images by charles emerson, courtesy of wysing arts centre and national trust for new geographies



the studio morison-designed structure has been built with respect for the traditional architectural language and materiality of its context. through the sculpture’s form, the design team presents an interpretation of the haystacks once typical across the fenland countryside, while the locally sourced straw and timber felled in the artist’s own forest serve to root the structure in the landscape from which it emerges. this straw thatching which clads the walls and roof are fabricated by a local master thatcher using traditional techniques. with its deep apertures, overhead oculus, and conical roof, the project introduces an architectural space which re-frames the visitor’s experience of its context.

mother studio morison



MOTHER… was commissioned as part of the region-wide arts commissioning program, new geographies, by cambridgeshire-based wysing arts centre. the program seeks to introduce contemporary art in unexpected areas in the east of england. as with all the program’s art works, the location for MOTHER… was nominated by members of the public. wicken fen in this case was suggested for its ‘sublime peaty landscape.’ the work is on view until october 2020.

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project info:


project title: MOTHER…

artist: studio morison

organizer: new geographies

on view: until october 2020

photography: charles emerson