in response to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, dutch architecture firm studio prototype has revealed plans for a temporary healthcare center for the treatment of contagious deceases. it is imagined that the structure, titled the ‘vital house’, could be constructed quickly from sustainable prefabricated wooden elements close to the epicenters of future virus outbreaks.

studio prototype vital house



‘the stories of COVID-19 patients from around the world from the past days and weeks, has inspired us to contribute to the possible fight of the virus,’ says studio prototype. ‘the central question presenting itself: is our physical health care landscape sufficiently enough designed in order to cope with possible future virus outbreaks? this inspired us to present a look into the future, for which we could imagine ourselves new health care locations will be set up, specifically designed to resist this frightening virus.’

studio prototype vital house



the project includes intensive care units as well as ‘communication rooms’ that allow sick patients to receive visitors. a large green patio provides more oxygen and comfort into the building, enabling the patients to recover faster. the design team says that a research center could provide faster clarity for patients about their status, while charting contaminations more quickly.

studio prototype vital house



throughout the design, the air pressure is monitored constantly in order to prevent the virus from spreading through the air. a sombre reflection space has also been included, providing a setting for relatives to say goodbye to their loved ones. ‘one thing is certain: we live in a new reality, the corona virus will not be the last virus to hit humanity, therefore we must arm ourselves with a new better and smarter infrastructure,’ says studio prototype. ‘as architects we can’t cure people, but we can make a contribution to make things more pleasant in the future for these people.’

studio prototype designs prefabricated 'vital house' to combat COVID-19



project info:


name: the vital house
design: studio prototype