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studio puisto perches 'niliaitta' cabin atop a single pillar in finland

in celebration of the indigenous finnish vernacular, studio puisto elevates its ‘niliaitta’ cabin prototype atop a single column. nestled within a wooded landscape near the salamajärvi national park in finland, the form of the project draws influence from the samí people who historically used this strategy to safely store food outdoors, away from the access of bears and other wild animals. the design team seeks to respect the native culture while creating a dwelling space that offers a hotel retreat from the realities of the outside world. with a minimal footprint, ‘niliaitta’ allows the natural context to remain as untouched as possible, introducing a complementary addition to the woodlands.

studio puisto niliaitta
all images and video by marc goodwin, archmospheres



studio puisto’s ‘niliaitta’ cabin prototype makes up part of finland’s larger kivijärvi resort. the resort will soon host nearly 50 new dwelling units together with a sauna and conference center building along the shoreline. the ‘niliaitta’ unit is constructed as a prototype, the first of its kind and the latest phase in the development of the planned resort. inside the prototype, the design team seeks to invite an immersive connection with the natural surroundings. a full-height window takes over an entire facade, lending an unobstructed visual connection with the forests. the rest of the interior is, by contrast, a blank canvas — finished entirely in rhythmic wooden paneling.

studio puisto niliaitta



perched atop a single pillar, studio puisto strategically orients its niliaitta cabin prototype to sensitively avoid the forest trees. while only a few trees were removed during construction, only a narrow pathway grants access. the exterior finish and color palette help the cabin to visually integrate into the surrounding nature, suggesting the sense that it has always belonged amidst the vertical rhythm of forest trees around it.

studio puisto niliaitta studio puisto niliaitta studio puisto niliaitta


studio puisto niliaitta studio puisto niliaitta studio puisto niliaitta studio puisto niliaitta studio puisto niliaitta studio puisto niliaitta




project info:


project title: niliaitta prototype | kivijärvi resort
location: kivijärvi, finland

architecture: studio puisto

partners: mikko jakonen, emma johansson, sampsa palva, heikki riitahuhta, willem van bolderen

team members: heikki muntola, guillaume keidel, maiju koskela

structural design: BD-con oy

HVAC design: LVI-insinööritoimisto jorma niemonen oy

electrical design: karawatski oy

contractor, wooden structures: laadulla oy

contractor, steel structures: jake-man oy

interior surfaces, fittings: petri leppänen

built area: 36 square meters (388 square feet)

completion: 2020

photography: marc goodwin, archmospheres

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