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studio saxe hides costa rican surf residences among verdant gardens

Harmonious Integration of Architecture and Nature


Nestled among the trees in the vibrant surf town of Nosara, Guanacaste, Costa Rica, the newly completed QUIN Surf Residences by Studio Saxe embody a seamless blend of architecture and nature. These tropical condominiums gracefully intertwine with their surroundings, creating a distinctive habitat that fosters a deep connection with the natural world.


The concept for QUIN Surf Residences was born from the vision of a Swiss client who sought to create an exclusive and contemporary condominium complex. His aspiration was to have a winter getaway residence that could also serve as a short and long-term rental project. Inspired by his dream, Studio Saxe, a renowned architecture firm in Costa Rica, transformed his vision into a stunning reality.

studio saxe surf residences
images © Andres Garcia Lachner@garcialachner



The Central Courtyard: A Verdant Oasis


At the heart of QUIN Surf Residences lies a verdant central courtyard teeming with existing trees and lush vegetation. This carefully designed space serves as a testament to the harmonious integration of architecture and nature. Costa Rica architects envisioned a natural oasis where residents can immerse themselves in serene and tranquil surroundings, forging a personal connection with the beauty of the natural world.


Studio Saxe’s design preserves the existing trees on the site, showcasing a commitment to sustainability. By incorporating architectural details throughout the building, the project achieves a balance between nature and the built environment. Vegetation acts as a natural barrier against intense sunlight, creating a sense of maturity within the project. The strategic positioning of the buildings along the periphery of the site ensures privacy, while the central heart space allows wind, sunlight, and plants to work together harmoniously.

studio saxe surf residences



Outdoor Spaces and Architectural Details


Architectural details play a vital role in the design of QUIN Surf Residences by Studio Saxe. Parasols provide shade and create inviting outdoor living spaces, while carefully crafted stairs blend seamlessly with the natural surroundings. Outdoor areas including terraces, balconies, and individual swimming pools, invite inhabitants to embrace the surrounding jungle environment. Thoughtfully chosen finishes harmonize with the natural surroundings while still maintaining a contemporary touch, resulting in a harmonious balance between the built and natural environment.

studio saxe surf residences



Commitment to Sustainability: Bioclimatic Principles


Deeply ingrained in the design approach of QUIN Surf Residences is a strong commitment to sustainability. The incorporation of bioclimatic principles ensures the creation of intelligent spaces that protect against the sun’s heat and promote cross-ventilation. The project embraces nature, with planter boxes integrated into the design and irrigated by a sustainable treatment plant system. This approach establishes a dynamic habitat of recyclable resources that continuously circulate throughout the development.


QUIN Surf Residences employ a lightweight construction system that encourages openness to the outside while minimizing the impact on the natural environment. Privacy screens on the exterior generate a sense of availability and a translucent effect, allowing nature to seamlessly blend with the structure. Prefabricated concrete planter boxes and other components expedite the construction process, ensuring efficiency and a high-quality finish.

studio saxe surf residences



the Interior Design


The interior design department at Studio Saxe worked closely with the architecture team to achieve a seamless integration of indoor and outdoor materials. This cohesive blend addresses the practical requirements of rental properties while creating unique and inviting spaces. A carefully curated selection of colors, textures, and materials, combined with an emphasis on local craftsmanship, results in an authentic design that reflects the essence of the region.
studio saxe surf residences



Landscape Harmony: Enhancing the Existing Ecosystem


Embracing green architecture, Studio Saxe’s landscape department sought to enhance the existing ecosystem surrounding QUIN Surf Residences. A wild yet thoughtfully diverse array of natural elements was meticulously crafted to soften the building’s appearance and integrate it with its natural habitat. This approach provides residents and visitors with an immersive, visually stunning experience that celebrates the beauty and vitality of nature.


studio saxe surf residences



project info:


project title: QUIN Surf Residences

architecture: Studio Saxe @studiosaxe

location: Nosara, Guanacaste, Costa Rica

interior design: Saxe Interiors
landscape design: Saxe Landscape

client: Daniel Szakats

collaborators: Prodeyco, Sotela Afaro Ltd, Dynamo
area: 1,227 square meters

completion: November 2022
photography: © Andres Garcia Lachner@garcialachner

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