a finalist of the young architects competition ‘tree house module‘ 2020 edition, studio shanil presents its atmospheric vision entitled ‘the enchanting nest.’ the competition calls for the design and creation of the treehouse — one of the greatest aspirations of childhood, an inaccessible place suspended between sky and trees. organized by french company dartagnan, the projects are to be sited at the one of the many picturesque castles of rural france, namely vibrac, mothe chandeniers and ebaupinay, in an effort to preserve and draw touristic interest.

enchanting nest treehouse
images by studio shanil | @studio.shanil



taking inspiration from the dream-like castles nestled among the forests of rural france, studio shanil envisions its ‘enchanting nest’ tree house module as part of the young architects competition. the team imagines a tree occupied by multiple volumes, or ‘nests,’ transporting the occupant to a different world. each of these nests are oriented along different angles to capture the most of the natural setting. while the view from one nest opens downward to a flowing stream lined with wildflowers, another nest overlooks a lush, rolling field of fresh grass. a framed view to the castle is seen from the next — each of the volumes offering a uniquely different experience.

enchanting nest treehouse



with its ‘enchanting nest’ tree house module, studio shanil evokes the enchanting beauty and fantasy of the castle and surrounding forest, which dartagnan seeks to preserve with the young architects competition. these nests introduce an element of exploration — the roof of one nest becomes a terrace of the next, creating a journey through the treetops. the visitor relives the joyful moments of climbing a tree to ultimately arrive at the fantasy world of a castle among nature. the modular design aspect brings versatility to the tree house, making it possible to be assembled in various contexts.

enchanting nest treehouse enchanting nest treehouse enchanting nest treehouse




project info:


project title: the enchanted nest

architecture: studio shanil | @studio.shanil

competition: tree house module

organizer: young architects competition (YAC)

location: france

team members: shanil riyaz, maria eapen

client: dartagnans

year: 2020