a house that grows in Oberreute, Germany


Stuttgard-based Studio Yonder has designed Haus S, a holiday home with a sauna hut located in Oberreute, Germany. The project is conceived as a house that can grow along with its occupants, and that at a later stage can be converted into a larger retirement residence. Under a raised roof that offers panoramic views of the mountainous surroundings, the design can gradually be expanded with additional floors, efficiently responding to the ever-changing needs of the dwellers. 

haus s 1
north west view

all images courtesy of Studio Yonder



sauna hut wrapped around a magnificent old tree 


Studio Yonder (see more here) has come up with a plan that combines minimum floor area and maximum height possible. The residence is composed of a large main unit, accompanied by a small annex housing a sauna which seems to have been carved out of the volume of the ground floor.


The site is located in the center of the village of Irsengund, boasting breathtaking views to the Allgäu hills and the Vorarlberg peaks where  no one so far had dared to build on, due to the steep sloping topography. Perhaps the most iconic element of the plot is a magnificent old tree that was preserved, by wrapping the volume around it. 

haus s 2
view of the pre-existing tree with sauna building



The construction of the residence is based on sustainable design principles. By dispensing the impact sound insulation, the structural surfaces of the ceilings and floors could be left intact as finished surfaces, without additional layers in the interior construction work. A bivalent heating system, where an air/water heat pump provides the baseload and a fireplace stove in the living room takes care of the peak load when the outside temperatures drop, ensuring efficient and economical heating without compromising on a cozy atmosphere.


The orientation of the roof and the strategic allocation of the interior spaces creates an ingenious spatial structure where all rooms appear generously dimensioned. Wide openings in the façade were avoided in order to deliberately frame the stunning views and at the same time to create a cozy retreat despite the building’s exposed location.

haus s 3
living space with a framed view

haus s 4
staircase with a view of the gallery

haus s 5
sauna building with relaxation room




project info:



name: Haus S

designer: Studio Yonder
lead designers: Katja Knaus, Benedikt Bosch
location: Oberreute, Germany



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