‘le coeur’ by studiogreenblue, ashikaga, tochigi, japan all images courtesy of studiogreenblue

japanese firm studiogreenblue has designed an extension to the patisserie ‘le coeur’ in ashikaga, tochigi, japan. playful shadows created by a decorative wrought iron screen are cast upon a white minimalist facade and reflected within the mediating pond. the location doubles as a workshop and takeout window adjacent to the main store. a material palette of plants, light, and water transitions the distant natural landscape and encompassing built hardscape which includes the existing structure and parking. a reflecting pool parallels the building volume producing a buffer between a series of arcing poles and the ribbon customer window.

as natural daylight passes through the intricate and delicate strands, a pattern of curved shadows are projected upon the exterior adding visual interest to the blank canvas. the grouping evokes the imagery of a trees with enlarged twigs. from a distance, the red pigmented metal resembles candy art upon a cake.

studiogreenblue: le coeur shadows are cast upon the white minimalist facade by a wrought iron decorative screen

studiogreenblue: le coeur red wrought iron facade

studiogreenblue: le coeur wrought iron screen is buffered from the facade with a reflecting pond

studiogreenblue: le coeur shadows upon the facade and reflections within the pond

studiogreenblue: le coeur shadows play upon the white facade

studiogreenblue: le coeur walk-up window

studiogreenblue: le coeur window at night

studiogreenblue: le coeur at night

studiogreenblue: le coeur floor plan / level 0

studiogreenblue: le coeur site circulation diagram

studiogreenblue: le coeur conceptual diagram

project info:

architects: studiogreenblue team: mitsuharu kojima × wataru kobayashi location: ashikaga, tochigi, japan
 structure: wood photographer: studiogreenblue