a winery and restaurant


Tokyo-based studio Sugawaradaisuke has completed ‘Setouchi Jozojo,’ a winery and restaurant in Hiroshima, Japan, that aims to strengthen local industries and culture. The project is organized into two separate volumes that are visually connected: The long roof that tops the first structure seems to cut into the body of the second one. In fact, the two plans are not functionally interconnected but share an entrance axis, a junction point that simultaneously connects the artificial and natural. 


The site opens towards the sea and faces back to the mountains. Thus, the design team sought to make the most of the views forming visual escapes in both directions. Informed by its topography, the two silhouettes adopt a seeming continuity. Thanks to the extended roof that seems to emerge from the terrain, a semi-outdoor space in the winery takes shape, where customers can enjoy amazing views, all the while being protected from the weather conditions.sugawaradaisuke's 'winery and restaurant' echoes mountainous hirosima landscapeAll Images by Tomoyuki Kusunose and Daici Ano 



forming micro public networks


The idea of ‘Setouchi Jozojo’ was to be gently integrated into its surrounding environmental context, generating a design that puts visitors’ experience first. The landscape spills over underneath the long roof where wine lovers can appreciate good taste and views. ‘This architectural landscape shows us a new Setoguchi seascape and story, crossing future and history with the reactivation of local contexts.’


According to the architect, the project generates new local values with a ‘micro public network’. ‘one of the core concepts for area design is to implant and to network several micro public spaces for updating regional activities and circulation in the existing local landscape and stories. This is the new philosophy to convert groups of local identities to local values covering huge areas with micro developments for the next area.’sugawaradaisuke's 'winery and restaurant' echoes mountainous hirosima landscapesugawaradaisuke's 'winery and restaurant' echoes mountainous hirosima landscape sugawaradaisuke's 'winery and restaurant' echoes mountainous hirosima landscape




project info:


name: Setouchi Jozojo Winery and Restaurant 

architects: Sugawaradaisuke Architects
year: 2021
structural design: Tectonica inc.
lighting design: Toh design
facility design: Zo Consulting Engineers
landscape design: TREEFORT
constructor: Chugoku Kogyo kaihatsu

location: Hiroshima, Japan

photography: Tomoyuki Kusunose and Daici Ano